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Increase the size of your residence with home additions from Sparr Construction & Services Inc. in Kingsville, Maryland. All work is done according to your request to ensure your complete satisfaction.

More Room

Looking to build home additions in The Baltimore Metro Area? Look no further! The decision to extend your living space with a home addition is often easy. Who wouldn't want more room to spread out and enjoy themselves? Yet, the nuts and bolts of such a project can be very time-consuming and overwhelming.

Some families begin working on an addition to the home and, decades later, are still elbows-deep in the project. Why not leave the grunt work to a team of professionals, so you can begin enjoying your home addition right away?
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Efficient Service

Sparr Construction is well respected and connected not only within the community, but within the industry at large. Over the years, we've formed lasting partnerships and discovered the best local suppliers to get a job done efficiently.

From creating blueprints and obtaining necessary local permits, to finding materials within your price range and bringing in a reliable, background-checked, experienced crew of workers, we've got it all covered. Whether you want a garage, deck, in-law suite, sunroom, or other addition, Sparr Construction is happy to serve you.

Top Reasons to Hire a Home Addition Contractor

Adding a home addition is a less expensive alternative to moving. You can stay in the neighborhood you love without sacrificing the amenities you need.

According to the National Association of Realtors, every 1,000 square feet you add to your home correlates with a 3% increase in home value. If you do decide to sell in the future, you will be getting a better return. There are so many reasons to hire a crew to put an addition onto your home:
• You've always dreamt of a home movie theater, game room, bar
and wine room, or hobby cove.
• You need a dedicated home office (that you can write off as a
business expense at tax-time).
• You would like to improve the resale value of your house by adding
• core space.
You need more storage space to de-clutter your main living spaces.
• Your bedrooms are small and you want more room to
accommodate a growing family.
• You'd like a cozy sunroom for reading the morning paper, enjoying a
• cup of tea, and relaxing.

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There are limitless possibilities for creating a more comfortable, spacious living environment. If you are looking for high-quality craftsmanship for a reasonable price, then look no further than Sparr Construction. Our proven reputation has earned us accolades throughout the area!
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